Perhaps there is a passion within you yet untapped. Maybe you desire to serve God but aren't quite sure what to do or who to contact. If you want to get involved in any of the ministries below, email

Marriage & Family

ANCF Marriage and Family Ministry (AMFM)

AMFM is a ministry for families with and without children whose purpose is to connect with one another, to support our church’s marriages and families, and to learn how to worship the God of all nations in the context of marriage and family.

We coordinate events, programs and resources for families at ANCF to build community and provide opportunities for learning about topics related to marriage and parenting. Sign up at the bottom of this page for details and to be added to our email list.

Ongoing Events:

Moms of Young Kids - Prayer & Sharing

ANCF's Marriage & Family Ministry (AMFM) will be holding bimonthly meetings on Saturday mornings from 9a-11a for mothers of young children to discuss parenting principles and to pray for each other. Childcare and brunch will be provided. The time from 11:00a - 12:00p is also available for those who would like more time to pray together.  Sign up here for details


Monthly meet-ups at public parks or homes throughout the year. Sign up here for details.

2018 Special Events:

Women's retreat

Feb 2018

Race Reading Group

Apr 2018

For information about any AMFM events, sign up here.

World Relief/ANCF

ANCF and World Relief Partnership

Currently Vineyard Columbus is running a Homework Help program at Hyde Park Apartments, but are looking for other groups to partner with to deliver services that are useful to refugees and immigrant families that live in that apartment complex. Programs we are interested in starting up include: 

  • Additional homework help,
  • Adult ESL
  • Community Conversation
  • Mom’s ministry

If interested sign up here:

Missionary Support

Missionaries interested in receiving support from ANCF can find support applications by clicking here. Please contact one of the pastors with any questions you have regarding this, Pastor Tim Walter or Pastor Vu Luong.


IFI is a Christian community organization that works in partnership with universities and volunteers to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars and family members. IFI links international students with American volunteers from local churches who are interested in cross-cultural exchange and who help meet the various practical needs internationals face in living in another culture. IFI also partners with internationals through on-campus student organizations.

ANCF shares the same passion for international students and partners with IFI to serve and minister to international students. 

For more information about IFI, click here

Peer Servants

ANCF is proud to work with PEER Servants:

The mission of PEER Servants is not just about providing financial services to the materially poor. It's partnering with the materially poor so that economic, social, and spiritual transformation is evident in them, their families, their churches, their communities, and beyond - including transformation among us.   

Mission Statement

To transform lives by partnering for economic empowerment and renewal.

Strategy Statement

To partner with indigenous Christian microfinance institutions in materially poor countries which seek to be and develop agents of transformation in their communities. PEER Servants staff and volunteers, striving to follow Christ, work closely with these microfinance partners in a mutually enriching relationship to provide services that support their journey to becoming sustainable organizations transforming the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs. For more information on Peer Servants, click here