Although we may share our core beliefs with other Vineyard Churches, the following values make ANCF unique. In essence, these are the things that make us who we are:

  • Prayer –Both personally and corporately, we want to pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in our lives and the nations of the world. 
  • Christian World View -We seek to live lives in which Jesus is Lord of every area of our lives. We want to grow in seeing all of life through God’s eyes. 
  • Worship –We seek to glorify God in all that we do, so we cultivate dynamic worship in private and corporate setting, and a need for understanding the Word of God. 
  • Pursuing Spiritual Gifts – We want to be obedient to Scripture and pursue all of the spiritual gifts for the strengthening of the body of Christ. This includes healing, prophecy, tongues, miracles etc. 
  • Evangelism – We have a desire to see non-believers put their faith in Jesus Christ. So we want to be intentional about sharing our faith with those who don’t know Christ. 
  • Reconciliation – We believe that a right relationship with God is the basis for all true reconciliation but that the church should model reconciliation among individuals, family members, ethnic groups, race, gender, social/economic status and denominations. 
  • Compassion – We want to serve those in need in the community around us and in the world at large. We want to be a part of relieving all human suffering, especially eternal suffering. 
  • Cross Cultural Focus – We believe that God will bring together people from every tribe, tongue and nation. We want to be a church that participates in this plan through missions, cross-cultural expressions, relationships, and unity among the nations in our church. 
  • Fellowship – We want genuine caring friendships to be the context in which purity of life, holiness, Christian character and ministries occur. In order to cultivate this fellowship we place a priority on small groups, family and children, eating together, and being real with each other. 
  • God’s Word – We submit all of our decisions to the Bible as the final authority for our faith and practice. We want to saturate our lives with God’s Word through preaching, disciplined “Berean” Bible Study, and applying His Word to our daily lives. 
  • Discipleship – We want people to grow in Christ-like character and to develop as leaders in the church. We believe this happens best in ‘life-on-life’ mentoring relationships. 
  • Generosity –We want to excel in generosity like the “Macedonians," who in trials and extreme poverty still joyfully begged for the privilege of supporting missionaries and advancing God's Kingdom through the grace of God.