These books are available to borrow.  Contact Pastor Vu if you are interested in any of them.

  • A Meal With Jesus

    Tim Chester

    Drawing from six narratives in the Gospel of Luke, Chester shows how meals can be opportunities for serving others. An important part of relationships, meals are vital to our social health. Author Tim Chester sums it up: Food connects. Chester observes that the book of Luke is full of stories of Jesus at meals. He notes, the meals of Jesus represent something bigger. Six chapters show how they enact grace, community, hope, mission, salvation, and promise. Moving from biblical times to the modern world, Chester applies biblical truth to challenge our contemporary understandings of hospitality. He urges sacrificial giving and loving around the table, helping readers consider how meals can be about serving others and sharing the grace of Christ.

  • Biblical Eldership

    Alexander Strauch

    Biblical Eldership: an urgent call to restore Biblical church leadership.

  • Celebration Of Discipline: The Path To Spiritual Growth

    Richard J. Foster

    Hailed by many as the best modern book on Christian spirituality, Celebration of Discipline explores the "classic Disciplines," or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith. Along the way, Foster shows that it is only by and through these practices that the true path to spiritual growth can be found. Dividing the Disciplines into three movements of the Spirit, Foster shows how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life. Foster provides a wealth of examples demonstrating how these Disciplines can become part of our daily activities-and how they can help us shed our superficial habits and "bring the abundance of God into our lives." The discussion of celebration, often the most neglected of the Disciplines, shows its critical importance, for it stands at the heart of the way to Christ. Celebration of Discipline will help motivate Christians everywhere to embark on a journey of prayer and spiritual growth.

  • Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need To Succeed In Life

    Paul D. Stanley

    We are all interdependent on each other, which is why connecting with others plays such an indispensable role in healthy development. Having access to the wisdom, experience, vision, and direction of those who have gone before can put you years ahead of where you’d be on your own. And what you discover will equip you to help others. Mentoring relationships can be key to discipleship and evangelism. This book shows you how to be doing it effectively.

  • Cross-Cultural Conflict: Building Relationships For Effective Ministry

    Duane Elmer

    Whether at home or abroad, communicating with people of other cultures is difficult. It requires new ways of thinking and interpreting the world. When conflict arises, as it often does, the issues become even more confusing. Without a good understanding of how different cultures handle conflict, our best intentions may only make matters worse.With a particular focus on Asian and Hispanic cultures (at home and around the world) and on African culture, Duane Elmer walks readers through various types of conflict and shows how they can be handled effectively and appropriately. Elmer gives numerous stories and examples from his experience and from others' to show how handling conflict well builds solid relationships. With an eye out for biblical principles, he looks at a variety of sticky questions in Scripture. This is a book not just of theory but of practical models of conflict resolution.Pastors, evangelists, business people, missionaries, students--anyone who wants to communicate more effectively with neighbors and colleagues--will find this book immensely helpful.

  • Cross-Cultural Servanthood

    Duane Elmer

    Cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer gives Christians practical advice for serving other cultures with sensitivity and humility. The reader embarking on a mission trip will find this essential reading to serve effectively in international settings.

  • Discipleship of the Mind

    James W. Sire

    Christians who are serious about their faith want to love God with all that they are -- heart and mind and strength. Books abound on the devotional life, on commitment, on evangelism and practical Christian living, but few take up what it means to love God with our minds. How do we learn to honor God in the ways we think? James Sire blazes a trail for Christians concerned about the discipleship of our minds. After looking at the attitudes toward God...

  • Discover Your God Given Gifts

    Don Fortune

    Learn how spiritual gifts affect thinking, actions, and relationships and how to best use those gifts in ministry.  Workbook format.

  • Divided By Faith: Evangelical Religion And The Problem Of Race In America

    Michael O. Emerson; Christian Smith

    Through a nationwide telephone survey of 2,000 people and an additional 200 face-to-face interviews, Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith probed the grassroots of white evangelical America. They found that despite recent efforts by the movement's leaders to address the problem of racial discrimination, evangelicals themselves seem to be preserving America's racial chasm. In fact, most white evangelicals see no systematic discrimination against blacks. But the authors contend that it is not active racism that prevents evangelicals from recognizing ongoing problems in American society. Instead, it is the evangelical movement's emphasis on individualism, free will, and personal relationships that makes invisible the pervasive injustice that perpetuates racial inequality. Most racial problems, the subjects told the authors, can be solved by the repentance and conversion of the sinful individuals at fault. Combining a substantial body of evidence with sophisticated analysis and interpretation, the authors throw sharp light on the oldest American dilemma. In the end, they conclude that despite the best intentions of evangelical leaders and some positive trends, real racial reconciliation remains far over the horizon.

  • Dogmatics In Outline

    Karl Barth

    In l946, standing amid the ruins of Bonn University, Karl Barth gave the lectures that we now know as Dogmatics in Outline . He lectured without a script, because as he tells us, the “primitive conditions which I met with in Germany made it absolutely necessary for me to ‘talk’ instead of to ‘read.’” In fact Barth says it was impossible for him to be only an academic teacher (which he confesses came easy since he had never been that). But rather he had to be a kind of missionary, Sunday School teacher, and popular orator. Yet the result was and is a beautiful book that witnesses to the God who alone gives us hope that we can live in a world in which war is not assumed to be a given. 

  • Driven By Eternity Making Your Life Count Today & Forever

    John Bevere

    Making Your Life Count Today & Forever

    Most people would be left destitute if they planned their futures as carelessly as theyve prepared for eternity. Drawing on the principles in 2 Corinthians 5:911, John Bevere reminds us that all believers will stand before God and receive what they have earned in life. In building their lives to be ready for that day, and maintaining an eternal frame of reference, readers will develop significant lives. In keeping sight of the goal, readers will learn to labor for rewards that endure for timeless eternity.

  • Empowered Evangelicals

    Rich Nathan

    Empowered Evangelicals describes the fastest-growing segment of the Christian world -- 33 million members and growing rapidly. Called "Empowered Evangelicals" by some and "Third Wave" by others, these churches have witnessed phenomenal growth by combining the thoughtful, biblical approach of the Evangelical tradition with the vitality of the Pentecostal-charismatic movement. Empowered Evangelicals examines the teaching and practice of such churches, and shows believers of all backgrounds how to incorporate into their own congregations the very best of differing traditions.

  • Everybody Into the Field

    William E. McCumber

    The human harvest of which Jesus speaks is ready--and it's time for all of us to get into the field!

  • Experiencing God Day-By-Day: Devotional

    Henry T. Blackaby; Richard Blackaby

    Part of Henry Blackaby's immensely successful Experiencing God materials, this devotional includes a page for every day of the year, each with a Bible verse and daily thought from the Blackaby's.

  • Future Grace

    John Piper

    Many men and women attempt to walk upright out of gratitude for what Christ did in the past, but Piper encourages believers to look ahead to the grace God provides for us on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis-putting faith into action by laying hold of God’s promises for the challenges we face. Sever the Root of Sin No one sins out of duty. We sin because we want to. So how can the root of sin be severed in our lives? The penalty of sin must be paid by the righteous blood of Christ. And the power of sin must be broken by banking on the promises of Christ. Chapter by chapter, he reveals how, by cherishing the promises of God, you can break the power of anxiety, despondency, covetousness, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more.

  • God is the Gospel

    John Piper

    This book is a cry from the heart of John Piper. He is pleading that God himself, as revealed in Christ's death and resurrection, is the ultimate and greatest gift of the gospel. None of Christ's gospel deeds and none of our gospel blessings are good news except as means of seeing and savoring the glory of Christ. Saturated with Scripture, centered on the cross, and seriously joyful, this book leads us to satisfaction for the deep hungers of the soul. It touches us at the root of life where practical transformation gets its daily power. It awakens our longing for Christ and opens our eyes to his beauty. Piper invites us to slow down and drink from a deeper spring. 

  • Good News About Injustice

    Gary A. Haugen

    A Witness Of Courage In A Hurting World, Gary Haugen brings us face-to-face with the reality of evil and arms us with the truth about injustice. After ten years on the frontlines of the battle against slavery and oppression, Haugen shares the biblical foundation and practical tools to overcome the most urgent crises of our day. Updated with a new introduction and stories from the files of International Justice Mission investigators, lawyers, social workers, pastors and educators, Good News About Injustice provides concrete guidance on how you can seek justice today. 

  • Growing An Evangelistic Sunday School

    R. Wayne Jones; Ken Hemphill

    Contains techniques for growing an evangelistic Sunday school.

  • Healed By His Stripes

    M.R. Renuga Suresh

    By God's immense Grace, we have published His Divine guidance and miracle in book form in Tamil and in English "Healed by His Stripes."

  • How To Be Like Jesus In 40 Days

    Dr. Bob Rodgers

    If you have come into a personal relationship with Jesus it should be your desire not only to love him with your words but to become like him in your everyday life. That is also the desire of our Lord. The book outlines seven disciplines of a disciple. You cannot become a disciple of Christ without disciplining your life. These disciplines are not to bring you into a legalistic routine; rather they are to be used as avenues to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and bring about an intimate knowledge of God and of His will for your life.

  • I Am Your Father

    Mark W.G. Stibbe

    In January 2009, Dr. Mark Stibbe left his role as the senior leader of a highly successful Anglican congregation. Taking a big step of faith, he founded a ministry called The Father's House, dedicated to taking the Father's love to the fatherless and bringing an end to the global pandemic of fatherlessness. Mark took this risk because he is convinced that our society has been deeply damaged by absent or brutal fathers. The churches can offer a solution-a healing relationship with our Heavenly Father--but many Christians have been poorly fathered and are bound by the legacy of this wound. As long as believers are restricted by the chains of their past, their churches will not be a part of the solution to fatherlessness; they will be a part of the problem. I Am Your Father is designed to help free Christians from their father wounds, so that they are then capable of playing their part in healing our fatherless world. 

  • I'm Not Mad At God

    David R. Wilkerson

    This penetrating book takes you from the scene of a grief-stricken father who unwittingly killed his own daughter, to the Voodoo of Haiti and the dope-ridden streets of dirty cities-all through the eyes of a man enormously concerned with his fellowmen.

  • Invitation to Lead

    Paul Tokunaga

    Guidance For Emerging Asian American Leaders:

    The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.This Japanese expression characterizes the attitude of many Asian Americans.We are often taught not to put ourselves forward--not to stick out. But the Western concept of leadership is all about stepping up and standing apart from the group. Is that appropriate for Asian Americans? Or can we lead out of our own cultural strengths rather than being pressed into the Western mold? Paul Tokunaga has been a leader in Asian American, white and multiethnic contexts for many years. He has been active in ministry and in his community. In Invitation to Lead he offers, with surprising transparency, lessons from his own rich experiences--both successes and failures. Many of us aren't sure whether we can or should lead. We are waiting for someone to ask. Or we are just beginning to take on new roles and responsibilities at church, at work or in our neighborhoods.Here, at last, is our invitation to lead.

  • Just Courage

    Gary A. Haugen

    International Justice Mission president Gary Haugen has found that "the pathway out of a nearly comatose state of boredom, ineffectiveness and triviality lies in the struggle for justice." The truth and stories presented here will call you out of an unsatisfying ho-hum Christian life and into the adventure of seeing God work in powerful and miraculous ways.

  • Knowing God

    J.I. Packer

    During the past 20 years, J. I. Packer's classic has revealed to over one million Christians around the world the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God.

  • Men And Women In The Church

    Dr. Sarah Sumner

    Evangelicals stand divided in their view of women in the church.On one side stand complementarians, arguing the full worth of women but assigning them to differing roles. On the other side stand egalitarians, arguing that the full worth of women demands their equal treatment and access to leadership roles. Is there a way to mend the breach and build consensus? Sarah Sumner thinks there is. Avoiding the pitfalls of both radical feminism and reactionary conservatism, she traces a new path through the issues--biblical, theological, psychological and practical--to establish and affirm common ground. Arguing that men and women are both equal and distinct, Sumner encourages us to find ways to honor and benefit from the leadership gifts of both.Men and Women in the Church is a book for all who want a fresh and hope-filled look at a persistent problem.

  • People Of The Dream

    Michael O. Emerson; Rodney M. Woo

    It is sometimes said that the most segregated time of the week in the United States is Sunday morning. Even as workplaces and public institutions such as the military have become racially integrated, racial separation in Christian religious congregations is the norm. And yet some congregations remain stubbornly, racially mixed. Author Michael Emerson explores such questions as: how do racially mixed congregations come together? How are they sustained? Who attends them, how did they get there, and what are their experiences? People of the Dream argues that multiracial congregations are bridge organizations that gather and facilitate cross-racial friendships, disproportionately housing people who have substantially more racially diverse social networks than do other Americans. The book concludes that multiracial congregations and the people in them may be harbingers of racial change to come in the United States.

  • Praying God's Will For Your Life

    Stormie Omartian

    For years Stormie Omartian prayed the prayer, "Change my husband, Lord." Then she realized that she had to pray for herself -and examine her own heart - before she could pray effectively for him. Her prayer become, "Change me, Lord." In this book, she presents that process for all wives who want the power to pray for themselves and their husbands.

  • Praying the Names of God - A daily guide

    Ann Spangler

    A twenty-six-week devotional study by the bestselling coauthor of Women of the Bible Names in the ancient world did more than simply distinguish one person from another, they often conveyed the essential nature and character of a person. This is especially true when it comes to the names of God recorded in the Bible. Praying the Names of God explores the primary names and titles of God in the Old Testament to reveal the deeper meanings behind them. Praying the Names of God shows readers how to study and pray God’s names by focusing each week on one of the primary names or titles of God.

  • Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics

    William Lane Craig

    His approach-that of positive apologetics-gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: the relationship of faith and reason, the existence of God, the problems of historical knowledge and miracles, the personal claims of Christ, and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. He shows that there is good reason to think Christianity is true. As Craig says, "If you have a sound and persuasive case for Christianity, you don't have to become an expert in comparative religions and Christian cults. A positive justification of the Christian faith automatically overwhelms all competing world views lacking an equally strong case."

  • Recapture the Wonder

    Ravi Zacharias

    Break free from the weariness and cynicism of life to enjoy God's amazing promise of childlike joy! It's time to reclaim that awesome sense of wonder--to experience God's amazing promise of childlike joy.

  • Rediscovering The Sunday School

    Stan Toler; Talmadge Johnson

    Sunday School is a time-honored tradition that is linking the church and the world in redemptive ministry. A renewal is occurring in the Christian community that gives the Sunday School unlimited opportunity for evangelism and education,devotion and discipleship. Catch the vision of a new standard Talmadge Johnson and Stan Toler offer in Rediscovering the Sunday School as it outlines timely methods of Bible study,organization, staffing, promotion, and facilities. Give your Sunday School a breath of new life with this insightful and challenging book.

  • Restoration: The Power Of The Blood

    Paula White

    Restoration: The Power of the Blood is a dynamic book by Paula White that details what effect the sacrifice of Christ has in our lives. This book gives a deeper look, and a more profound understanding of the nature of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.

  • Revitalizing The Sunday Morning Dinosaur

    Ken Hemphill

    According to the leading church growth expert, Ken Hemphill, Sunday School is not only worth saving, it has the potential to revitalize your entire church. 'Revitalizing The Sunday Morning Dinosaur' gives you specific, detailed steps on how to lead your congregation in making it happen.

  • Revolution in World Missions

    K.P. Yohannan

    Do you long to let go of self-centeredness and be more eternally minded? Do you desire to make a difference in the lost world but aren't sure how to go about it? Based on the testimony of thousands who have read Revolution in World Missions, this gripping message can radically change your life.In this exciting and fast-moving narrative, K.P. Yohannan shares how God brought him from his remote Indian village to become the founder of Gospel for Asia. Drawing from fascinating true stories and eyeopening statistics, K.P. challenges Christians to examine and change their lifestyles in view of millions who have never heard the Gospel.

  • Terrify No More

    Gary A. Haugen; Gregg Hunter

    In a small village outside Phnom Penh, children as young as five are bought and sold as sex slaves. Day after day their abuse continues, and their hope slips away. In Terrify No More an international team of investigators goes undercover to infiltrate this ring of brothels and gather evidence needed to free these girls. Meanwhile, skilled legal minds race the clock, working at the highest levels of U.S. and foreign governments to bring the perpetrators to justice. Headed up by former U.N. war-crimes investigator, Gary Haugen, the team perseveres against impossible obstacles - police corruption, death threats, and mission-thwarting tip-offs - in a mission focused on bringing freedom to the victims.

  • The Beginner's Guide To Spiritual Gifts (Beginner's Guides (Servant))

    Sam Storms

    Sam Storms offers a brief, but comprehensive explanation of the nine spiritual gifts that St. Paul lists in 1 Corinthians 12. If we as individuals and as a church are to experience the power of the Holy Spirit for life and growth as Christians, recovering the exercise of these gifts is essential. Storms shows readers how to understand the gifts, discover their own gifts, and receive more of the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Beginner's Guide To The Gift Of Prophecy

    Jack Deere

    An authentic gift of prophecy - What is it? Who has it? Can you hear God's voice for yourself? In The Beginner's Guide to the Gift of Prophecy, Jack Deere describes the operation of the prophetic gift in the church today. He offers not only a balanced overview of the role of prophecy in the Christian community, but also practical information to help readers discern the authenticity of prophecies and learn to exercise the gift themselves. Topics covered include: learning how God speaks, understanding His messages, avoiding prophetic craziness, giving prophetic messages, discerning deceptions, demons and false prophets and growing in your prophetic gift. 

  • The Case For Christ

    Lee Strobel

    A SEASONED JOURNALIST CHASES DOWN THE BIGGEST STORY IN HISTORY - Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates who are specialists in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies. Strobel challenges them with questions like; How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event? Strobel s tough, point-blank questions make this bestselling book read like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it is not fiction. It is a riveting quest for the truth about history s most compelling figure. What will your verdict be in The Case for Christ?

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide To Christian Prayers And Devotions

    Bell Jr.; Tracy Macon Sumner

    How to talk to God. Through practical examples, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Prayers and Devotions" demonstrates the impact of down-to-earth conversations with God. Organized by topic, this volume is ideal for browsing through prayers and devotions according to the your interest from joy and depression to assistance and gratitude and contains both modern-day prayers and prayers from antiquity. --The only book currently on the market to include both prayers and devotions for Christians --Organized by topic: joy, depression, giving thanks at holiday time, asking for assurance, prayers of contentment, prayers of salvation, and much more

  • The Freedom Of Forgiveness

    David Augsburger

    Dr. Augsburger combines personal testimonies with Scripture for a highly practical and motivating guide to applying forgiveness in your life.

  • The Good And Beautiful God: Falling In Love With The God Jesus Knows

    James Bryan Smith

    Helps the reader discover the narratives that Jesus lived by and practice spiritual exercises that will help one grow in the knowledge of God, in a book that is geared toward laypeople and includes a section on how to start up apprentice groups in one's own church.

  • The Holy Spirit: Activating God's Power In Your Life

    Dr. Billy Graham

    This book will help answer your questions about the Holy Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit? A person? A spirit? God? Why did the Holy Spirit come to the world? Where did He come from? Has the Holy Spirit always been active? How does the Holy Spirit communicate? How does He minister and witness? What exactly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? What are the sins against the Spirit which can be committed by Christians? What is sanctification? This book will help you to discover and implement God's power in your life: Who is ruling your life? Who should be? Do you know that to be filled by the Spirit is not a choice for Christians, but a command? Do you know that the Holy Spirit is committed to give you the freedom not to sin? Do you know that the Holy Spirit is your "proof of purchase" - God's pledge to you of your inheritance to come? What are the gifts of the Spirit? Are you acknowledging - and using as power for your life - all of the special gifts from the Spirit?

  • The Most High God

    R. Suresh Johnson

    This book will kindle your heart to claim and possess the blessings and promises. I am sure you will experience the power and protection of the Most High God, as you read this book. It will take you from glory to glory.

  • Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen

    Dr. David Hilfiker

    This accessible, clearly written book . . . may inspire ordinary people to work toward full desegregation of our society.-Publishers Weekly Hilfiker explains how, notwithstanding the various myths and legends of black urban poverty, the truth is that our government's social programs operate in such a way as to keep the vast majority of African Americans uneducated, in poor health, and literally separate. Dr. David Hilfiker has lived and worked in medical recovery and housing shelters for the homeless in Washington, D.C., since 1983.

  • What Jesus Demands From The World

    John Piper

    The four Gospels are filled with demands from Jesus. These demands are Jesus’ way of showing us who he is and what he expects of us. They are not harsh demands originating from a selfish desire to control, but rather loving directions for our good and ultimate satisfaction. In fact, what Jesus demands from the world can be summed up as: “Trust and treasure me above all.” This is good news! John Piper looks at the demands of Jesus as found in the four Gospels. He begins with an introduction that puts the demands in a redemptive-historical context, and then engages in a concise examination of each. The result is an accessible introduction for thoughtful inquirers and new believers, as well as a refreshing reminder for more mature believers of God’s plan for his Son’s glory and our good.