Summer of recreation or re-creation?

We've been waiting for it: summer. Summer time is fun time! Summer is for vacation. Summer time is play time-it's time to recreate: to do things that we enjoy. But why is it that we often need another vacation from our vacations? At the end of the summer, what are we left with?

Recreation is often about our enjoyment, but we often forget or ignore what our souls need. No, not a dream vacation, although that would be nice. Our souls need not just recreation, but also re-creation. We need God to re-create something in us. 

For eight weeks during the summer, we are asking God to re-create a desire for RENEWAL, RECONNECTING,  and REACHING OUT.


We will intentionally seek purposeful rest in order to renew our spirits with the Lord. All of us have been under a great deal of stress this year and we want to have some purposeful rest that refreshes our spiritual lives. You can click on the study guide image to use for your own spiritual renewal.


We commit ourselves to meaningful fellowship. We want to be intentional about getting to know more people that God has brought into our church family.  We are getting out of our comfort zones to meet with others not in our regular life groups. If we're not currently in a life group, we will seek out opportunities for fellowship nonetheless. Click on the image for more life group information. 

Reaching out

We want to ask God to reignite a love for people outside the walls of the church. It’s easy to get caught up in friends we already know and forget how many people still need the love of Jesus.